More possibilities


If you want to temporarily use a house on wheels, you can also rent one. Renting is possible for both individuals and businesses.

For information on pricing please contact us.


For DIY builders also provides kits. The dimensions of a house on wheels kit go up to a length of 4m and a width of 2m. A kit can be supplied with or without base.


If you want to learn how to create a design for a house on wheels and how to build one, then can arrange a workshop. The necessary materials are provided by us.

Prices for the workshops are available on request. For further information we ask you to contact us.

Creative carpentry

Through our years of experience in carpentry work, we als are able to create other creative carpentry. Think of walkways, children rooms, lounge areas, garden furniture and tree houses. For more information on tree houses visit our website For all your other needs, you can always contact us.