Large houses on wheels offers large houses on wheels and children houses on wheels in various sizes.


The choice of wood for a house on wheels consists of Swedish pine and red cedar. The wood can be delivered painted or untreated. It is also possible to provide hung windows, a single door or double doors. Also isolating the house on wheels is possible.

The interior can be equipped with, for example, a kitchen, a bedstead or a toilet.

Houses on wheels suited for the public road

You can have a gypsy wagon built with a chassis that is suitable for the public road and can be pulled by car, tractor or jeep. A braked house on wheels, which can be built in any dimensions, must have a valid license plate.
Please contact us for a price for a braked house on wheels with license and a size of your choice.

Sizes of houses on wheels up to 10m long.


Complete house on wheels, children model
Size 2.50m wide and length of 4m
€1.950,- (excl. BTW)

Large house on wheels
Size 2.50m wide and length of 5m
2 windows on one long side, 1 shared door
€3.900,- (excl. BTW)

A house on wheels can be delivered as a DIY package in every size.

Houses on wheels come with two windows, a single door or double door and are delivered unpainted. For the delivery of a painted car the extra price € 565, - (excl. VAT).

Undercarriage with wheels for DIY packages: € 900,-- (excl. VAT).
Undercarriages are only available for DIY packages.

For more prices, sizes and capabilities, please contact us.

delivery time

The delivery time for a pipowagen is 3 to 4 weeks.